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Help & Faq's


  1. Why can't I sign up/Log in?

    Check if you typed in a valid email address.

    Also Check if you aren't having problems with the email application you are trying to use, eg. MSN, Yahoo, etc...


    Please ensure you fill in the required fields on the form, so your account can be fully activated.

  2. How do I edit my Profile?

    Click on User Control Panel from the top right menu bar, just under the Welcome.

    That option is also available on your profile page.

  3. How can I add a profile image?

    Make sure your account is fully activated before you can add an image.

    If you find you are having trouble adding an image, re-log in into your account and try then.

  4. Why do I get an error when I try to enter this site?

    Check your internet connection, check another website to see if the problem is from the internet connection.

    Please be patience, and wait for the problem to get fixed, should we have any technical problems.

  5. Why has my account been deleted?

    You may have harassed another member, or you are posting spam and scams to advertise a profitable company.


    This is a Totally FREE website, and everything related, and we intent to keep it that way.

    Note that if we detect any suspicious activity from members, they will be banned on the spot, no questions asked!


    Also make sure that your information is acurate, as any invalid information will compromize your account.

    See the Rules page for acceptable examples of nick names.

  6. Why can't I access certain pages?

    Check if you are a full member, or you haven't received any warnings.


    Limited members can only access certain pages, and you MUST be a member to access all features of this site.

  7. Why has my topic been deleted/moved/edited?

    Make sure you have read the Rules before posting.

    Please ensure that you posted the topic in the right section, or it's not spam.

  8. I'm being hassled, what should I do?

    Please contact us directly or use the help section in the forums, check the Help page.

    Please provide some proof if possible, eg. a screenshot of the message, and we will investigate the matter imediately.


    The other member will either receive a warning or will be banned on the spot, according with the seriousness of the problem.


    We take internet Bullying very seriously, and will NOT tolerate any misconduct on our website.

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