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This website is for all ages, gender, and backrounds, and intended to be maintained that way.

So please follow the simple rules to maintain a smooth and friendly atmosphere.


--- Rules ---

Ensure that you fill in the Required fields when you sign up for this website. Any inaccurate information will compromise your membership. Please ensure that you choose a valid nick name.

We have nothing against members expressing them-selves through names, but we want  names to be meaningful.


Valid examples:

Raziel, Goku, Akira.

Invalid examples:

gadshbghrsuj, rfby36ny, *&%.bfxkj.


Pictures must NOT contain any type of explicit sexual content, including profile pictures. Mild content is acceptable, as long as it's maintained within PG certificate.


Avoid bad language, some moderate language is acceptable as long as there's a good reason for it.


Do NOT use discrimination of any kind, including age, gender, backround, or game experience.


Do NOT upset any other members, Respect everyone else.


Do NOT overfill your forum signature if you use an image.

Keep it at a reasonable size.

You can resize the image by holding on the corner square and drag it.

See moderators signatures to get an idea of the acceptable size.


Do NOT flood the topics with nonsense, if you don't know the solution to a problem, then don't spam it.


Do NOT spam, scam, or advertise profitable businesses.


It is acceptable to:

Use your own website's address as your forum signature.

As long as it's not commercial.

However it is NOT acceptable to:

Send private messages to other users about your website.

Posting a forum topic to advertise your website.

If you breach those two conditions you will get a single warning, followed by cancelation of your account.


If you have any questions, send me or the moderators a private message, or use the Help section, and we will look into it as soon as possible.


Rules will be updated regularly. We hold the right to change the rules of this website as we see fit.


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